Carrie is a graduate from Texas Tech University with a triple major in English, History and Education. She holds certificates for English, History, and Secondary Education with teaching experience in both public and private schools. Blending History and English is her passion.  She enjoys showing students how the study of English and History ideas are inter-twined allowing them a greater appreciation for understanding the historical context from which inspire an author's story.

In addition to teaching dual credit English/ History courses for Firelight, Carrie also teaches  weekend and summer academic writing classes for Austin Chinese Education Services. 


After many, many years of homeschooling three boys and guiding them through college, Carrie and her husband Michael now enjoy a quiet house with three dogs.  They both love hiking during the Spring and Fall; but summers are reserved for having crazy fun and developing new youth friendships at Group Cares Foundation work camps, Week of Hope, a youth mission and service camp they have coordinated for the last 12 years in Austin.


  • Combo Courses: English/ History for Middle School and Early High School
    • Honors Middle School 1 Creative Writing combined with High School Geography
    • Honors Middle School 2 Intro to Academic Writing and World Literature with Honors High School World History
    • pre-AP Middle School 3 Academic Writing with World Literature with Honors High School World History
    • NEW 2017-2018: EXCLUSIVE Online Course--Introduction to Academic Writing and World History with Honors High School World History for 7th grade to 9th graders.  Mondays at 10:30am
    • COMING 2018-pre-AP  Academic Writing / Intro to Rhetoric with American Literature with Honors American History for 8th-10th graders
  • Extracurricular Activity:  National Day of History and Service Write Community Service


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LEVEL 1 Honors Middle School Creative Writing/ World Geography

LEVEL 2:Intro to Academic Writing World Literature / Honors World History

LEVEL 3  Academic Writing/ Rhetoric & Research/ Honors World History


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