Class Information & Terms of Service for  Austin Firelight Class Enrollment

Missed Classes and Make-Ups:

Austin Firelight Academy offers two options for make-up classes:

1. Students may make an appointment visit with the teacher via skype or phone to cover all missed materials.

2. Students may attend another class location, if available.  If a parent would like to attend a particular class as a makeup class, they must notify the teacher in advance.  Parents are encouraged to notify their teacher in advance if they will be absent for an upcoming class, so that all materials are on hand for the student.

Cancellations and Refunds:

If a parent or child must cancel enrollment for circumstances outside of their control:

1. A two (2) week notice is required for full month refunds.

2.  They will be refunded a prorated amount for remaining months, subtracting $30 from the total amount to cover costs for materials and processing fees.


In the event of inclement weather, parents will be contacted with pertinent information via email, phone, or text messaging.


For the benefit of all other children, parents must keep sick children at home.  Your Austin Firelight Academy teacher reserves the right to send a child home if they are visibly sick.

Medical Emergencies:

In the case of an emergency, your Austin Firelight Academy teacher or someone at the facility will call 911. Neither Austin Firelight Academy nor the facility have medical staff available, and they cannot provide emergency or other medical treatment.

Use of  Online Education Tools: Schoology & Google:

Austin Firelight Academy classes utilize Schoology for grades, online assignments, quizzes, uploading homework, and continued group discussions. Schoology provides safe, secure online classroom platforms that doesn’t include access to personal information.  Schoology integrates the use of Google Docs. Google Docs allow instant correctional features between students and teachers on writing assignments.  Students are encouraged to set up a gmail account to access Google Docs.  Parents should have full access to these accounts.  Once a student is registered for the online class via Schoology, parents should watch the video about creating a parent account found on the “Parents Page” of Austin Firelight .  By registering for Schoology parents accounts, parents will be able to see assignments, grades, etc. for all your student’s classes.  Parents will also receive auto email updates for grade postings. Schoology provides useful information on how to make the most out of Austin Firelight Academy classes.

Sibling & Guest Policy:

Siblings or friends are allowed to attend class ONLY with teacher approval.

Classroom Etiquette:

1) Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate.

2) Please arrive five (5) minutes before class begins.

3) Please come to class prepared.

Food & Drink:

To maintain cleanliness, drinks must be in containers with a top and food is prohibited in the most classroom locations. Parents are encouraged to ask about a location’s food protocols before sending lunch or snacks with students.  

Personal Belongings:

Neither Austin Firelight Academy, Mrs. Barker, a Austin Firelight Academy teacher, nor the facility hosting classes are responsible for any personal belongings.

Change of Information:

To protect the welfare and safety of all children, parents must notify their Austin Firelight Academy or Mrs. Barker in writing of any change in  student information. Email is acceptable.

Liability Waiver:

The enrolling family understands that participating in occasional physical activities during Austin Firelight Academy classes, even with proper supervision, may result in serious injury, illness, or even death.  The enrolling family hereby relinquishes the Instructor of this class, all parties working with him/her, the facility hosting classes, Austin Firelight Academy or Mrs. Barker, the makers and owners of all equipment and props used herein, and all other participants in these activities, of any liability whatsoever relating to their participation in these activities, and agrees to inform their instructors of any and all factors which may affect their child’s ability to participate in these activities, including but not limited to, disabilities, illnesses, or injuries. The enrolling family understands that they participate in these activities at their own risk.

Policies & Terms Agreement:

By registering for Austin Firelight Academy Classes, the enrolling family agrees to follow all policies and procedures stated above.  Austin Firelight Academy has the right to update policies at any time.