Our elementary age enrichment program is designed to help our homeschool families with additional opportunities to supplement academic development received at home, which will help prepare students for the more rigorous secondary level courses.  For the 2017-2018 calendar year, we are offering Choir by Chris Baker, Chinese by Yidou Xu, and Athletics for grades K-8th by George Urch

North Campus 
  Choir*** Not offered at the South Campus Chinese Athletics
9:30-10:45   K-2nd  
11:00-12:15 3rd-5th 6th  K-2nd
12:30-1:45 K-2nd  3rd-5th 6th
Central Campus
9:30-10:45 K-2nd  3rd-5th 6th 
11:00-12:15 3rd-5th 6th grade K-2nd 
12:30-1:45   K-2nd  3rd-5th
South Campus
9:30-10:45   3rd-5th Level UP Middle School
11:00-12:15   6th grade K-2nd 
12:30-1:45   K-2nd  3rd-5th
2:00-3:15     Level UP Middle School