Extracurricular Activities (ECA)

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” ~ John F. Kennedy 

Firelight teachers recognize that extracurricular activities provide  students  an opportunity to round out their academic experience with the real-world. Student participation builds additional critical thinking and leadership skills needed for adulthood and beyond.   

National History Day

"NHD provides an opportunity for students to push past the antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical content to develop perspective and understanding."

Cost: $100 covers instructor time and project feedback


community service.png

Serve Write

Serve Write offers Firelight students a place to engage in community, recognize and research societal problems,  and reflectively write about those experiences.  

Every month a new social justice issue is introduced at a local nonprofit around the Austin area focused on addressing those needs. Every week students will meet at a designated, local nonprofit organization to serve for 4 hours.  Community relationships are strengthened with students serving for one month at that location before rotating to another location/ new social issue.   

Each service time will end with group discussion and reflective writing prompts designed for college entrance essays. Students will receive  community service hours to increase visibility on a high school transcript. 

Must be 14 years old to participate.

Day: Every Thursday

Cost: $200 includes instructor time

NOTE: This is a non-grade opportunity to build intensive writing skills needed for college entrance essays and the high school transcript.

New Honor Society.png

Omega Pi Honor Society

Firelight student will have an opportunity to apply for our new Honor Society!


  • Currently enrolled in Firelight with an "A" average.
  • Participate in one community service project approved by Firelight Academy
  • A test score of 88 (CLT), 1800 (Old SAT), or 1200 (New SAT), 26 (ACT) , 1200 (PSAT) 1200 (PSAT 10), 1200 (PSAT 8/9), a 90% composite score on the Iowa or 90% on the  total battery on the Stanford nationally normed standardized achievement tests is required for ESA membership.
  • Yearly Dues