George is a Texas State University graduate with a major in Exercise Sports Science with an all Level Certification for Physical Education (K-12).  As a student George would often volunteer to coach any team that his younger sister was on, as well work at the local Rec Center in Round Rock coaching all children in the basics of sports for kids ages 5-12. Spending time with children in the realm of sports is where he found his passion, turning a fun, part-time job into a passionate career. Texas State and their teaching centric approach turned out to be the perfect fit for his already established beliefs in how children should be introduced to physical activity and sport; “children should be introduced to a variety of sports and games with an emphasis on fun and education in an effort to build lifelong athletes.” 

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His approach introduces students to a variety of different sports,  teaching them to adapt on their own, something that can come in very handy down the road when given the opportunity to participate in a new sport, game, or activity.  In addition to offering courses at Firelight Academy, you can also find George help student athletes at both the North and South Austin Sport's Center

 2017-2018 COURSES TAUGHT:

Intro to Sports K-2nd

This is a classed geared toward the very basics of being an athlete.

  • Body Control (starting, stopping, and being able to move in a variety of ways)
  • Ball Tracking (knowing how the flight of an object should change your approach to the object)
  • Rule Following
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Object Manipulation (crucial to sports that extend the hand or arm like tennis, baseball and hockey; using an object as an extension of your body)

  Intro to Sports 3rd-5th

                  This class builds off from some of the basics that were learned in our K-2 class and begins to apply them and make these skills more sport specific. Many sports have skills and ideas that crossover between sports, while this class will focus on a different sport each month of the semester, this does not mean that we will be playing that sport exclusively. While there will be some point of reference to the “Title” sport of that month, the athletes will do certain activities or games that require them to be in an athletic stance, use eye hand and foot coordination, communicate, as well as explore the idea of court or field vision. These concepts can often be taught by playing a simple game with little skill required so that the athlete can focus on some of the bigger picture aspects of the game not just the ball they are dribbling. The four main sports will be Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and a hybrid of Baseball / Wiffleball / Softball

LEVEL UP! For Middle School

Level Up classes are the next step in learning about your favorite sport or sports with the emphasis on individual skill building and implementation of strategic team concepts