Kendra Fennikan is a graduate of  UT-Austin  with a B.A in Botany. She is a certified in Science grades 8-12, with over 10 years of classroom experience in  IPC, Honors IPC, Chemistry, Physics, pre-AP Physics, AP Environmental Science and Forensic Science. In addition to teaching, she served many years as an Instructional Coach for new science teachers. 

She enjoys the natural sciences and  sharing the elegant processes and solutions found in nature by scientists with students. Her passion is building  solid foundations of science knowledge to grow students' logical and procedural thinking, and preparing those who want to pursue a career in science or applied sciences. Her desire is for students to "get it." 


When not in the classroom, she encourages my own three children (two in high school and one in middle school) with their schooling and various activities; i.e. being a "mom". She, also, enjoys visiting the natural wonders from the Redwoods in California or the awesome power of Niagara Falls, to the dark, cool spaces in the caves found right here in Central Texas. She is in her eleventh year of teaching Sunday school twice a month at a non-denominational Christian church to elementary aged children. After teaching herself  to crochet, she embarked on learning to knit. And like many others, knitting has become  her a new favorite hobby, perhaps even an obsession.  

2017-2018 Courses Offered: 

  • Pre-AP Integrated Physics and Chemistry--IPC for older Middle School Students
  • Honors Chemistry for High School Students

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IPC, Integrated Physics and Chemistry


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