Kyla spent 10 years teaching mathematics: 2 years at McNeil High School in Round Rock ISD, 5 years at Stratford High School in Spring Branch ISD, and 3 years at Marymount School for girls in NYC (an Apple Distinguished School).

Kyla grew up in Austin, Texas and went to college at The University of Texas in Austin where I got a BBA in Finance.  After working in education for a year, she went back to school and got a MEd in Secondary Education at Texas State University and then a MA in Mathematics at the University of Houston.

Personal Bio:

Kyla loves her family (son, James; daughter, Millie; and dog, Dixie), college football, local Texas country music, water skiing, spinning, and salted caramel ice cream.

Courses Taught

AP Calculus:

The goals of this course are to teach students the concepts of Calculus, prepare students for the AP Calculus AB/BC Exams (should they choose to take one of them), and to prepare students for future math courses.  All Calculus BC topics stated in the College Board AP Calculus BC Course Description are covered in rigorous detail.  Such topics include limits, differentiation and integration. 

AP Calculus Online:

This iTunes U course seeks to explain and demonstrate these topics through integrated notes, practice problems, linked apps, and videos.  Technology in the form of apps, online resources, and graphing calculators are used both to present and enhance instruction and student comprehension of Calculus concepts.  Exploration and discovery methods of instruction are implemented to strengthen students’ foundation in mathematics and to give them the tools to succeed in future mathematics courses.  Students are encouraged to communicate and explain concepts verbally, graphically, analytically, and numerically.

Required Materials

As this course is designed to be primarily a paperless course, all materials are presented via the iTunes U app that can be downloaded on iOS devices.  Thus, it is required that students have access to an iPad (recommended) or iPhone.

Graphing calculator such as TI-83Plus or TI-84

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