"If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics."    ~Galileo Galilei


2017-2018 Courses:

Middle School Math
Foundations Math Pre-Algebra Algebra 1***
***Also a High School course
Curriculum Provided Math Mammoth 6 and additional teacher generated resources Math Mammoth 7 Foerster Algebra 1 in addition to teacher generated resources
Description A comprehensive Middle School class preparing for Pre-Algebra with a more extensive coverage of fractions, decimals, and percents utilizing hands-on activities, games, and critical thinking skills. A 1-year, fast-paced Pre-Algebra class to include projects, critical thinking skills and utilizing hands-on activities where applicable. A 1-year, fast-paced Algebra class to include projects, critical thinking skills and utilizing hands-on activities where applicable.
Suggested Grade Levels 6th-7th Grade 7th-8th 8th-9th
Course Credits Honors Middle School Math 1 Honors Pre-Algebra 1 Honors High Scool Algebra
Prerequisites Students must have a solid working knowledge of all whole number operations and exposure to fractions, decimals and percents. Satisfactory grade on placement test. Student Accessment for proper placement.
Teacher Sharon Brantley June Turner Sharon Brantley
Course Cost $625 until May 1st
$650 after May 1st
$625 until May 1st
$650 after May 1st
Tanton's Geometry Algebra 2 Advanced Quantitative Reasoning
Description This course presents all the geometrical concepts in a traditional fashion to the high school student and will sufficiently prepare for questions on the math section of the PSAT, ACT, or SAT standardized tests. This course moves at a very reasonable pace for most high school students.
It is meant to be a college preparatory course in nature.
This course of study can be completed by most average students,
This customized class will focus on SAT (1st semester)and SAT II Math level 1 (2nd semester),test topics. The areas include numerical, algebraic, and geometric topics for the first semester and statistical, probabilistic, and trigonometric topics for the second. We will discuss testing strategies, but the emphasis will be on learning--or refreshing or seeing in new ways--the
actual math processes and how they can be applied to real world situations and
Suggested Grade Levels 9th-10th 10th-11th 11th+
Course Credits High School Geometry High School Algebra 2 High School Advanced Quantitative Reasoning
Pre-requisites Algebra I Algebra I and Geometry Algebra 2
Teacher June Turner June Turner June Turner
Course Cost $600 until May 1st $600 until May 1st $600 until May 1st
Speciality High School Math Courses
Algebra 1 A for Girls Trigonometry for Physics AP Calculus
Course Description By extending Algebra 1 over two years, my goal is for students to master the foundation of all future math classes, not just in terms of memorizing procedures but understanding the WHY of each concept that is introduced. In addition, in each class period students will be presented with problems that encourage “out-of-the-box” thinking in group problem-solving situations. This 3-week class is designed for students who plan to take Physics in the fall. It will comprise the study of trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent), vectors, and other physics-related math concepts that students may not have studied in (or remembered from) an Algebra 1 class. The goals of this course are to teach students the concepts of Calculus, prepare students for the AP Calculus AB/BC Exams (should they choose to take one of them), and to prepare students for future math courses. All Calculus BC topics stated in the College Board AP Calculus BC Course Description are covered in rigorous detail. Such topics include limits, differentiation and integration.
Teacher June Turner June Turner Kyla Edmonds
Course Cost $600 $150 $600
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ALL Materials Provided including Textbook
Teacher Created Materials to Provide Individualization
Weekly Homework √ --3-6 Hours TOTAL √ --3-6 Hours TOTAL √ --3-6 Hours TOTAL
Teacher Graded
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