Our Central Campus will be dedicated to university model instruction beginning the week of August 13th for the 2018-2019 school year.  Classes will meet Mondays and Wednesdays


Central  Campus 
  English Math Science Chinese
8:00-9:45 English 2 World Lit/ History     Customized According to students
suggested grade 7th/ 8th    
9:55-11:40 English 2.5 Early Am. Lit/ History Pre- Algebra Biology - 9th
Suggested     Chemistry- 10th plus
grade 7th/9th 7th/8th Physics - 10th plus
Noon-1:45 English 3/Modern AM History Algebra 1 Honors Science  
suggested grade 8th-10th 8th/9th 6th/8th  
prerequisite Contact Teacher      
1:45-3:30 English 1 Geography Geometry Pre-AP Physical Science (IPC)  
  6th/ 7th 9th/10th 7th/ 9th  
prerequisite     Completed Pre-Algebra