June has had both an eclectic education and career: with a dad in the Air Force, she graduated from a high school in Japan, Canadian Academy!  She attended her first two years of college at the International Christian University in Tokyo, and then graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Japanese Language and Literature. Her heart was in music, though, so she attended the U. of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory and left with only a thesis to write for an M.M. in Music History. While at the conservatory, June fell in love with the Suzuki method of teaching which had only just been applied to her instrument, the flute. (She still continues to teach flute.) After moving to Austin in 1984, she entered UT as a graduate student, first in music education and then in math education. She earned both her M.A. in math ed and a teaching certification in Secondary Math and History.

For over 20 years, June has worked with homeschoolers in one way or another—from flute instruction, to a wide range of subjects, ages and student learning differences.  June  taught math and SAT essay writing at  Hill Country Academy (2012-14).  She  provides personal in-home instruction to families in  secondary math, language arts, and civics; and teaches music at the Armstrong Community Music School and the Monarch Suzuki Academy.

Along the way, she has held a few salaried positions, including: teaching developmental math at UT (1991-94) and writing/editing math textbooks for Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1996-2001). She is also a co-author of Algebra, published in the Barron's College Review Series.


June has been a single parent since her daughter was five; it was a pretty hard job back in the day. But now, she is reaping the rewards with two little granddaughters (2 and 4) who, along with their parents, fill her life with joy.

 2017-2018 COURSES TAUGHT:

Pre-Alegebra for 7th and 8th grade students

Honors Geometry  using Tanton's Geometry (at Central Campus ONLY)-This course presents all the geometrical concepts in a traditional fashion to the high school student and  will sufficiently prepare the student for questions on the math section of the PSAT, ACT, or SAT standardized tests. Some of the skills covered: Geometric Relationships and Properties, Similarity, Measurement and Dimensions, and Trigonometric Ratios

Honors Algebra 2 This teacher created course customized for student individualization, utilizes a variety of the best textbooks,  moves at a very reasonable pace for most high school students. It is meant to be a college preparatory course in nature, preparing students to test for the College Algebra CLEP, SAT Subject Math 2, or begin pre-Calculus. Skills covered: Exponential Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Random Processes, Rational and Polynomial Expressions.

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Algebra 1 for Girls

Honors Geometry

Honors Algebra 2

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