Yiduo Xu is a native of Shanghai (China), with many years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese from pre-K to AP Chinese exam. She has taught Mandarin Chinese after-school at ACES Academy, at several elementary schools in Georgetown ISD, and at Meridian School. She is the Chinese-language coordinator at FLIEC (http://fliec.com/), a language teaching and teacher-training company that applies the most advanced college-level foreign-language teaching techniques to K-12 language classes. Yiduo is a caring, loving and patient instructor able to energize and motivate students of all ages. 

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2017-2018 Courses

 "Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture" for  K-2nd, for 3rd-5th , and Preteens. Although the class will focus mostly in Mandarin Chinese, and it will be taught immersion style (that is to say 90% of the time or more in Chinese language), it will include cultural activities such as learning Chinese arts and crafts with knots and cutting paper, writing Chinese calligraphy with ink and brush, learning about Chinese festivities, music, acrobatics, Beijing Opera, traditional Chinese sports, Chinese cuisine, tea culture, key historical events in Chinese history, and the geography of China.